This articles describes the Linux chkconfig configurations and how are these maintained in the /etc/rc.d/init.d scripts by Red Hat Linux. Default runlevel Configuration In Linux, init process is responsible to start other processes during boot. Which services to start depends on the current runlevel of the system. In Red Hat Linux, the default runlevel configuration […]

Question: Is it possible to configure SSH to start on a different port other than 22 on Linux box? If yes, then what are the steps? Answer: Starting ssh service on a port other than 22 is a bad idea. However, if you need to do this due to some reason then this can be achieved […]

Notepad++ is a very useful editor for windows which offers enormous capabilities for editing the text files. A very nice feature of Notepad++ is the plugin interface which can be used to further enhance the capabilities of Notepad++. One of the very interesting plugin offered for Notepad++ is NppFTP plugin. NppFTP plugin provide the ability […]

Linux single user mode is used to fix the OS related issues. One of the problem with Linux single user mode is that anyone having access to the console can get into the single user mode and gain root access. This article provides the step by step procedure to password protect the single user mode […]

Nodepad++ is a free source code editor for Windows and is the replacement for Notepad. Nodepad++ comes with a wide variety of unique features & capabilities. In addition to the enormous built in functionalities, Notepad++ capabilities can be extended further with the help of plugins. One of the very useful and must have plugin for […]

This article provides the detailed procedure to generate a self signed SSL certificate in Linux. 1. Generate a private key Execute following command to generate a RSA private key. [root@RHEL61_x64 opt]# openssl genrsa -des3 -out tgs.key 1024 Generating RSA private key, 1024 bit long modulus …………………++++++ …….++++++ e is 65537 (0x10001) Enter pass phrase for […]

This article provides the detailed instructions to setup C# development environment on Windows using free version of Microsoft Visual Studio called Visual C# 2010 Express Edition. Procedure to Download & Install Visual Studio C# 2010 Express 1. Download ‘Visual Studio C# 2010 Express’ Installer from Microsoft website. 2. Click on ‘Install now’ to start downloading […]

Unity is a cross-platform game engine and IDE developed by Unity Technologies, targeting web plugins, desktop platforms and mobile devices. Unity comes in two versions- free and professional. While free version is sufficient to develop basic animations and games, professional version comes with more advance features. Visit unity store to know complete details about Unity […]

Question: I am trying to install following hp-snmp packages on my HP-Proliant Server containing RHEL6.1 64-bit. hp-health- hp-snmp-agents- However when I try to install the rpms. I am getting following errors. [root@RHEL61_x64 ~]# rpm -ivh hp-snmp-agents- hp-health- warning: hp-snmp-agents- Header V4 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 2689b887: NOKEY error: Failed dependencies: is needed by hp-snmp-agents- […]

Problem: My /var/log/messages on RHEL6 server is getting cluttered with large number of repeating “Connection from UDP” messages generated by snmpd process. How can I disable these logs? Jan 28 09:10:42 rhel61 snmpd[1541]: Connection from UDP: []:53638->[] Jan 28 09:10:42 rhel61 snmpd[1541]: Connection from UDP: []:53638->[] Jan 28 09:10:42 rhel61 snmpd[1541]: Connection from UDP: []:53638->[] […]